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Benefits – Contact Manager

Extract maximum value from having all your contacts accessible and up to date.

  • Easy and Intuitive Contact Manager

    We have made everything as straightforward as possible from adding new contacts to searching for data or importing new contact information from social media accounts with a few clicks.

  • 360-degree View of your Contacts

    Complete vision of your customers, including key contacts, communication history and notes on internal account discussions.

  • Better Information Flow

    Enable collaboration across the organization by sharing insights and relevant files relating to all your business records and contacts.

  • Simplified Contact Sharing

    Sharing your contacts can be laborious and time consuming. With contact manager we have simplified the process by building in-app features to quickly share contacts with other contacts, Synthesis users or with anyone via email.

  • Access your contacts from anywhere

    Synthesis Contact Manager on your mobile device puts valuable customer contacts and data at your fingertips so you can interact with confidence.

  • Keep all contacts in one place

    Save and edit data centrally making sure everything is synchronised and there are no duplicate files.

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