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Benefits – Contact Manager

Extract maximum value from having all your contacts accessible and up to date.

  • Easy and Intuitive to start using straight away

    Using Synthesis Contact Manager is easy and straightforward as you are easily able to manage new contacts, search for data, and import data from social media accounts with just a few clicks. This saves you time you would otherwise spend figuring out how to set up and work the system.

  • All the Contact Management features you can think of

    Add, edit, delete, export, import, and view contacts while also being able to assign and remove services to a contact. Therefore, you have a complete 360-degree view of your customers, including key contacts, communication history, and notes on internal account discussions.

  • Better Information Flow

    Share contact details with other contacts, other Synthesis users, or via email, to enable efficient collaboration across the organisation through the sharing of insights and relevant files relating to your business records and contacts. Sharing is simplified through in-app features which allow you to quickly share whatever you need to share.

  • Access your contacts from the Cloud wherever you are

    Synthesis Contact Manager can be used on your mobile device, allowing you access to valuable contacts and data at any moment and in any location. This puts everything at your fingertips, making you more organised, efficient, and productive.

  • Keeping all your Contacts in one Place

    You can securely keep all your contacts in one place, saving and editing centrally to make sure everything is synchronised and there are no duplicate files. Furthermore, you will also be free to access your contacts on the cloud instead of having to search in different applications.

  • Group and Segment Your Contacts with a Few Clicks

    To further simplify contact management, Synthesis Contact Manager allows you to segment contacts into groups according to specific criteria. Thus, you can create groups, edit, delete, and view groups, and add participants to groups, allowing you to maximise your efficiency when dealing with contacts.

  • Import Contacts from Anywhere

    With Synthesis Contact Manager you are able to import your already existing contacts from a variety of different locations, such as Google, onto your Synthesis app. This makes it easy for you to transfer already existing contacts without having to lose any on the way.

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