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Some Product Feature Highlights

Synthesis Cloud Telephony is a virtual PBX service, or in other words, a PBX system delivered as a cloud hosted service. With Cloud Telephony you only pay for services or applications you use, so you have a more cost-effective, reliable and secure communications environment than legacy PBX systems. Cut costs with cloud communications services without sacrificing features or encountering the challenges associated with conventional PBX system deployment.


Capture and convert voice messages to email and manage voicemail groups.

Call Control
& Management
Call Control & Management

Extended control over features such as call routing, remote call pickup, caller ID blocking and call forwarding.

Unified Messaging

Conveniently redirects and funnels all messaging into one inbox

End-User & Administrative
Web Portals
End-User & Administrative Web Portals

Manage your communications network remotely, including administering end users and configuring call routing.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Automatic voice-enabled system for office call routing, call centre forwarding and many other practical applications.

Conference Management

Create and manage conference calls with dial-in number and secure pin codes for invited participants.

Great call
Great call rates

Drastic cost reduction on high-volume outbound calling to UK and many other countries worldwide. Save money using economical flat call rates for long distance.

Call Recording
& Reporting
Call Recording & Reporting

Record inbound & outbound calls for subsequent playback and create reports detailing call statistics and other information.

Key Benefits for your Business

Start making the savings by moving to the cloud with Synthesis

No huge upfront investments

Eliminate the high costs of traditional hardware-based solutions and equipment with an integrated platform for voice, data and video.

Advanced calling features like find-me, follow-me or log on anywhere

Added features that give flexibility to your employees & organisation to work and communicate beyond the office premises.

Scalable platform that can easily grow with the needs of your organisation

The service grows with your organisation. No added upgrade costs or fees as you scale up your communication needs.

Mobility, Flexibility and Extended Control of your Communications

Sync together your desk phone and mobile devices so you are reachable anytime from anywhere. Create smart call forwarding rules to streamline workflows or conference with employees and stakeholders through clear and robust IP communications.

Cloud Telephony Reviews

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