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Benefits – Mi Number

Save up, increase control and build trust.

  • Money Saver

    Save initial investment and maintenance costs when using an Mi number instead of having a PBX installed at each site. You also get to save up on the associated monthly bills of having a legacy PBX system.

  • Gain Trust

    You can source numbers based on a country, number type, or physical location. This allows you to gain the trust of the people receiving the call, as they are less likely to be suspicious of a local or familiar number and therefore, more likely to pick up. Such an advantage would help you drive sales in your marketing campaigns or sales blitz.

  • Complete Call Control

    You will have full control over the calls and you will be able to control and block anonymous or restricted calls, whitelist approved number lists, control when, where and from whom you receive your calls, and set automatic messages. Synthesis Mi Number gives you the power to have complete control over your calls.

  • Call Forwarding

    Global Follow Me numbers provide you with the flexibility to set up call forwarding to voicemail or to devices of your choice. This allows callers to be able to reach you at any time, anywhere, on a series of different numbers.

  • Call the Right Person

    With Synthesis Mi Number you are able to have your calls routed directly to the right person you are trying to reach, without having to waste time going through a receptionist or an auto-attendant. This makes it easier for people wanting to reach someone, as it eliminates the problem of people having to remember extension numbers.

  • Easy Re-Routing

    Callers which are not getting through are easily and quickly re-routed. Re-routing can be done to another number, from toll-free numbers, and from a local number to a global one.

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