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Benefits – Audio and Web Conferencing

Your customers, employees and other stakeholders around the world are just across the table from you with Synthesis Audio and Web Conferencing.

  • Start Conferencing Immediately

    Synthesis gets users up and running quickly for spontaneous meetings, crucial for time sensitive issues.

  • Better Team Communication

    Enhance project-focused teamwork between colleagues, partners and clients.

  • Increase Productivity

    Synthesis Audio and Web Conferencing mean meeting when you normally would not. This can lead to shorter cycle times, faster decision-making, increased creativity and productivity

  • Advanced User-friendly Features

    Combine the latest technological advances and a customer-oriented service to create reliable and problem-free conferences.

  • Time-Saving

    Save the time, expense and environmental impact of business travel by hosting meetings from your own premises.

  • Save on costs

    Simple and economic to install across the enterprise.

  • Global Access and Reach

    Strategically placed POPs across the globe provide services to clients in 87 countries and counting.

  • For The Record

    Keep full recordings of all your conferences for future reference.

  • Manage the meeting

    Allow participants to mute themselves when necessary and for new attendees to join in once the conference has started.

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