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Benefits – Audio and Web Conferencing

Your customers, employees and other stakeholders around the world are just across the table from you with Synthesis Audio and Web Conferencing.

  • Anytime, anywhere

    Synthesis Audio & Web Conferencing allows people from remote locations and different time zones to participate in a call, using any device which can connect to the Internet.

  • Everyone is within reach

    All you need to be a part of a conference call is to have an Internet connection in order to be able to connect to the cloud. People who do not have Synthesis may also become participants in a call by being sent a temporary link and security pin code which allow them to access the call from anywhere.

  • Better Team Communication

    Synthesis Audio & Web Conferencing benefits your business by allowing for better and more efficient communication between team members. Participants who are not physically present may still be part of the call and no one has to miss out on any important meetings and discussions.

  • Saves Time and Money

    The system is very easy to set up and start using, even for users with no prior knowledge or experience, thus saving up on time spent figuring it out. Participants also do not need to travel to be a part of the conference and save up on travelling time and money. You can also decide to hold spontaneous meetings without prior planning.

  • Increased Productivity

    Synthesis Audio & Web Conferencing means meeting when you normally would not, as you don’t have to worry about travelling or people being in the office. This can lead to shorter cycle times, faster decision-making, and increased creativity and productivity.

  • Keep a Record of your meetings

    Automatically have a record of all your audio conferences which may be accessed at any time and saved for future reference. You can easily listen back to training sessions, interviews, and brainstorming sessions, and you can keep an archive of discussions for future reference and follow-up.

  • Call Management

    A conference leader may be appointed, who will be able to un/mute participants and add new attendees to the call. They may also schedule a conference and manage participants present during the call by putting them on/off hold.

  • Merged Conferencing

    Multiple conferences can be merged into one. Ideal for participants from different businesses or for stakeholders and clients who wish to join their discussions into one.

  • Recurring Conferencing

    Synthesis Audio & Web Conferencing allows you to set a scheduled call to be set on repeat automatically. This saves you time from having to set one manually. Ideal for clients who wish to hold a meeting at the same time every week.

  • Automatic Transcription

    Audio records of conferences are automatically transcribed to text and sent to participants via email. Therefore, you can look back at records of audio conferences easily and find the parts you want to refer to without having to listen to the whole audio.

  • Hand Raise Request

    Participants wishing to speak during the conference call may submit a hand raise request, which allows the current speaker to see that they would like to give their opinion. This helps the call manager decide how to allocate time to speakers, and allows for a more orderly and efficient meeting.

  • Global Coverage

    Strategically placed PoPs (points of presence) provide services to clients in 87 countries and counting. This allows for global coverage, meaning that participants can be from practically anywhere.

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