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Benefits – Document Manager

Bringing synchronicity and collaboration to your organisational files.

  • Constant Access

    Access your most important digital assets, whether they are text documents, spread sheets, or photos, any time you have an Internet connection. The assets are always available as they are saved on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

  • Better Collaboration

    Your team can access, co-author and update files on the cloud without having to send different versions back and forth. Therefore, there will always be one version of a document and you avoid endless email exchanges. This allows for more efficiency, better collaboration, and more productivity.

  • Cost Efficient

    Avoid extra costs associated with traditional premise-based solutions such as server upgrades, operating system upgrades, server maintenance, security infrastructure and uninterruptable power supplies. Since all assets are on the cloud, you would only require Synthesis Document Manager to manage them.

  • Secure Assets

    Assets are securely saved in compliance with all industry regulations. Access is through passwords and administrator permission, who gives user rights control and allows for Digital Rights Management (DRM). Files are also locked and the administrator is allowed to access the audit log.

  • Accessible Offline

    Files can be synchronised within an existing folder structure so that they may be accessed offline. This allows team members to access the files at any time, even if they aren’t connected to the Internet.

  • Keep a Record

    Different versions of a file may be saved on Synthesis Document Manager. This allows you to go back to past versions and build upon them or view the progress made, as all versions are on record.

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