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Some Product Feature Highlights

Synthesis White Boarding is a collaborative tool that allows participants to create a virtual white board session to engage in real-time brainstorming, annotate notes on different media and documents and exchange visual sketches.

Real Time
Real Time Collaboration

Bring a visual dimension to all your online interactions through sharing brainstorming, design prototypes, spontaneous diagrams or text put on white boards in real time.

Worth a Thousand
Worth a Thousand Words

Use our customizable templates, shapes and a range of colours to bring your thought, ideas and concepts to life and help your audience to visualise them.

Mobile & Peripheral Device Interconnectivity
Mobile & Peripheral Device Interconnectivity

Participants can connect through mobile phones, tablets or desktop PCs in the same session.

Record Presentation
Record Presentation Event

Keep a digital record of the presentation for later playback. Share with participants. Eliminate note-taking.

Multiple View
Multiple View Options

Choose whether to display the presentation in a single or multiple page view or whether to let the user navigate through the last page view or all pages.


white boarding capabilities with Synthesis instant messaging, online conferencing applications or third party tools like Confluence, Jira or Slack.

File Management
File Management

Upload image or document files from local machine, network or third party cloud storage apps such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Input Device Option
Input Device Option

Choose whether to draw using a stylus, graphic tablet or mouse pointer.

Key Benefits for your Business

Share your ideas, images and information instantaneously

Online Collaboration

Facilitate & enable more collaboration between employees & teams within the organisation through white boarding ideas from basic document editing to complex design flows.

Idea Generation & Brainstorming

Take your brainstorming sessions to the next level and beyond the meeting room. Online participants can give their input and share their annotations from anywhere.

Interactive Presentations

Whit eboarding can be used as a presentation tool with an edge. The presenter can add content, note, draw and write in real-time while participants can interact with the content as the presentation moves on.

Multimedia Communication

Be able to communicate using different media within the same presentation or brainstorming session. Use drawings, images, text documents or spread sheets. Whatever the media, you can start interacting and collaborating together and keeping everyone on the same page….or screen!

White Boarding Reviews

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