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Benefits – CRM Human Resources

Manage your most important assets the smart way with a full suite of human resources functions.

  • Centralised Information

    Synthesis CRM HR module makes it easier for you to have all contacts and employee-related information centralised and gathered in one place. This gives you the benefit of having instant and easy access to it any time you need. Furthermore, applicants can easily upload CVs and other supporting documents, as well as contact details, to save time and have information organised in one place.

  • Security and Confidentiality

    You can create the appropriate user settings so that only authorised people and personnel have access to sensitive information, thus safeguarding your employees’ private data.

  • Streamlining workflows

    With Synthesis CRM HR module, HR staff is free to manage employee tasks on the go, while employees can view information and complete tasks themselves, without having to liaise with HR, thus making everyone more productive and efficient.

  • Compliance Friendly

    Synthesis CRM HR module allows you to easily and efficiently list all HR guidelines, policies, and labour laws, and make them applicable to different types of workers based on their type of employment, geographical position, and other demographic parameters. This helps you stay compliant as well as aids in your management of employees.

  • Manage Multiple Tasks

    You will be free to perform and manage a number of different HR-related tasks, such as employee training, leave allowance, sick leave, payroll, benefits, and even the recruitment process – from advertising vacancies to the selecting stages, to contracting. This will all be easy to do through one integrated system, thus allowing your organisation to be more productive.

  • Global Reach

    Synthesis CRM HR module has a global reach which allows managers to connect with each employee individually and easily customise the engagement with offices in different geographical locations. This ensures and facilitates communication over the spectrum and allows for better collaboration between people in the team.

  • Cost Efficient and Scalable

    You save money when using Synthesis CRM HR module as there are no installation costs, expensive upgrades, or hidden fees. The module grows as your organisation does, allowing you to add contacts and data as your company employs more people.

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