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Benefits – CRM Human Resources

Manage your most important assets the smart way with a full suite of human resources functions.

  • Instant Access

    Benefit from having all contracts and employee information centralised and searchable from one place.

  • Productive and efficient

    HR staff can manage employee tasks on the go. Employees can view information and complete tasks without having to ask HR.

  • Global Reach

    Synthesis HR Management allows managers to connect with each employee individually and easily customize the engagement with offices in different geographical regions.

  • Compliance friendly

    Easily list all key HR guidelines, policies and labour laws and make them applicable to different types of workers, based on their type of employment, geographical position and other demographic parameters.

  • Multiple Tasks

    Manage employee training, leave allowance, payroll and benefits from an integrated system.

  • Recruitment Process

    Control the recruitment process from advertising vacancies from the selection stages and to contracting.

  • Secure Access

    Create appropriate user settings to ensure only the essential people have access to sensitive employee information.

  • Save money

    no upfront installation costs, expensive upgrades or hidden fees.

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