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Benefits – CRM Sales and Marketing

Generate more leads with smart marketing campaigns and follow them through the automated sales funnel to convert them into contracts.

  • The Sales Funnel Managed

    Managing sales funnels has never been easier from prospecting clients to following up communications and eventually closing the sale.

  • Campaign Solution

    An all-in-one solution to make managing sales and marketing campaigns easy – from set up through to execution follow up and reporting.

  • Targets and Commissions

    Motivate and inform your team with goal setting and tracking features and commission calculators along the sales pipeline.

  • United Efforts

    Allow your campaign team to work in unison and more efficiently by seamlessly sharing contacts, data and best practices.

  • Lead Management

    View, monitor and control all stages of the lead management process with a few clicks. Easily create new customer data or schedule meetings with prospective clients.

  • Rapid responses

    Faster, closer and smarter communication and follow-ups avoids prospects from falling out of the net.

  • User centred design

    The end user is at the centre of our design process, simplifying the user interface so you spend less time learning and more time actually using the tool to push successful campaigns.

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