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Benefits – IVR

Synthesis IVR allows your skilled workforce to leverage the latest time saving technology in handling calls.

  • Increase Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

    With Synthesis IVR, you can manage inbound calls more efficiently by directing calls to the correct queue, dealing with simple requests through IVR and instantly connecting customers, thus saving man hours and generating more leads. You also reduce wait times and bottlenecks and prioritise calls to improve your customer support services.

  • Tracking your Communications

    You can track customer call volume, origin and timeframes easily, which helps you manage employees’ schedules so that more staff is available during peak hours of call volumes. You can also mine recorded caller data such as caller IDs, voice messages, and keypad inputs and actions, in order to make smarter routing decisions, or to use in other Synthesis applications such as CRM Customer Service Module.

  • Seamless Integration

    Synthesis IVR seamlessly integrates with other Synthesis solutions such as CRM Customer Service, Cloud Telephony, Contact Centre, and more. This allows you to offer a better and more efficient service as you integrate IVR with other services offered by the other Synthesis applications. You can also mine data useful for the other applications.

  • Customisable

    Despite the fact that Synthesis IVR allows for automated responses, you are still able to customise your prompts or announcements according to the information provided by the caller ID, such as country of origin or the options selected. This ensures that your clients are given the best service, tailored to their needs.

  • Follow Me

    Synthesis IVR makes use of Follow Me services, which allow the user to be reached at any one of several phone numbers. This ensures that the utmost is done to route the client towards the service they require.

  • System Setup

    You can easily set up a call flow diagram which Synthesis IVR will follow with any inbound or outbound call. In this way, clients are efficiently routed on the right path and colleagues will have to spend less time conferring to find the right answer to transfer the call to the right agent.

  • Keep a Record

    Synthesis IVR allows you to create audio files and transcribe the texts to speech for ease of reference. Clients that do not get through, can also leave a voice message in the voicemail box, which is then easily retrieved when needed.

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