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Benefits – IVR

Synthesis IVR allows your skilled workforce to leverage the latest time saving technology in handling calls.

  • Efficiently Effective

    Make inbound call handling performance more efficient, save time on manual call forwarding, instantly connect customers and help generate more leads.

  • Plan better by tracking call times and volumes

    Track customer call volume, origin and timeframes to help manage employee scheduling during the peaks and troughs of call volume.

  • Data Driven Decisions

    Mine recorded caller data like caller IDs, voice messages, keypad inputs and actions for driving smarter routing decisions or for using in other Synthesis applications such as CRM Customer Service Module.

  • Automate and simplify

    A simplified and automated client interface reduces wait times, bottlenecks and prioritises calls to improve your customer support services.

  • Stop wasting time

    IVRs help you spend less time conferring with colleagues to find the right answer or transfer the call around to find the right agent.

  • Customise your responses

    Despite automated response capacity, you can still customise your prompts or announcements according to criteria such as caller IDs, country of origin or options selected.

  • Integration with other Synthesis Solutions

    Seamless integration with other Synthesis solutions like CRM Customer Service, Cloud Telephony, Contact Centre and more.

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