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Some Product Feature Highlights

Synthesis Message Centre is an instant messaging application where companies can enhance internal communication and offer another channel to stay in touch with your clients, suppliers, or stakeholders. The application allows you to create group chats around a team project, easily tag people in the conversation, and have updates sent to you by other channels such as email, SMS, or push notifications.

Asergis Cloud - Message Centre - Seamless Contact
Seamless Contact

Stay in instant and constant contact with colleagues, customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders across multiple channels (email, IMs, SMS).

Jump in the
Jump in the Conversation

When you are notified of a mention in a conversation you can open the application and jump straight into the conversation via an embedded link.

Asergis Cloud - Message Centre - Cross-Channel Notification
Cross-Channel Notification

Users can choose to receive an immediate notification or a digest of @mentions in all conversations within a chosen timeframe via a preferred channel, such as email, SMS, or push notification.

Asergis Cloud - Message Centre - Upload & Share Files
Upload &
Share Files
Upload & Share Files

Enhance collaborative team efforts by uploading and sharing files in group chats or one-to-one messaging.

Asergis Cloud - Message Centre - Cross-Channel Monitoring
Cross-Channel Monitoring

Give your teams the ability to see all conversations with a particular contact in one space.

Asergis Cloud - Message Centre - Appearance Customisation
Appearance Customisation

Change the look and feel of the application or of a particular chat session.

Asergis Cloud - Message Centre - Extra Messaging Controls
Extra Messaging
Extra Messaging Controls

You decide what to do with a message. You can star it, add a reaction, share it, pin it or mark it as read/unread.

Asergis Cloud - Message Centre - Set Message Reminders
Set Message
Set Message Reminders

You can also set a reminder for a particular message. Choose a time from a drop down list to set a reminder to deliver or act upon a given message.

Key Benefits for Your Business

Synthesis Message Centre keeps all the team in the loop.

Asergis Cloud - Message Centre - Facilitates Intra-Organisation Communication

Facilitates Intra-Organisation Communication

Allows quick and easy communication anytime and everywhere through desktop or mobile platforms.

Asergis Cloud - Message Centre - Enhance Collaboration

Enhance Collaboration

Group members can input their ideas and comments simultaneously while sharing files and feedback.

Asergis Cloud - Message Centre - Channel Choice

Channel Choice

All users have preferences for particular channels when it comes to connecting and collaborating. Synthesis Message Centre makes sure that there is fluid communication between the people on their desktops in the office and their colleagues on the move with their tablets or phones.

Asergis Cloud - Message Centre - Always Up to Date

Always Up to Date

Security upgrades and technical updates happen automatically in the background, ensuring all applications will always be up to date.

Asergis Cloud - Message Centre

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