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Some Product Feature Highlights

Synthesis IVR delivers the latest in self-service features to your customer – with a scalable, managed service using interactive voice responses. Our cloud IVR allows you to automate a wider variety of inbound and outbound call types, making considerable savings on the cost of a live agent and eliminating the routine tasks that raise costs and negatively affect both your teams and customers.

Asergis Cloud - IVR - Automated Customer Response
Automated Customer Response
Automated Customer Response

Prompt callers with greetings, menus or announcements through pre-recorded voice messages.

Asergis Cloud - IVR - Intelligent Routing
Intelligent Routing

Prompt inbound calls with voice messages and then route them intelligently to the right person or through an appropriate set of actions.

Asergis Cloud - IVR - Inbound & Outbound IVR setup
Inbound & Outbound
IVR setup
Inbound & Outbound IVR setup

Easily set up interactive voice responses for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Asergis Cloud - IVR - Voicemail Management
Voicemail Management

Record and manage voicemail messages. Synthesis IVR transcribes voicemails and sends the texts to an email inbox.

Asergis Cloud - IVR - Authentication Management
Authentication Management

Increase security by setting up authentication procedures, verifying caller IDs and numbers or blocking unwanted calls.

Asergis Cloud - IVR - Integration with other Synthesis Solutions
Integration with other Synthesis Solutions
Integration with other Synthesis Solutions

Seamless integration with other Synthesis solutions like CRM Customer Service, Cloud Telephony, Contact Centre and more.

Asergis Cloud - IVR - Analytics

A wealth of all analytics data can help you make smarter decisions in your inbound and outbound call handling.

Asergis Cloud - IVR - Easy Setup
Easy Setup
Easy Setup

Synthesis IVR menus are easy to set up with drag and drop options, agent assignment in a few clicks and can be updated at any time.

Key Benefits for your Business

Synthesis IVR allows your skilled workforce to leverage the latest time saving technology in handling calls.

Asergis Cloud - IVR - Customer Support Automation

Customer Support Automation

A simplified and automated client interface reduces wait times, bottlenecks and prioritises calls to improve you customer support services.

Asergis Cloud - IVR - Smarter Call Routing

Smarter Call Routing

Able to prompt inbound calls with voice messages and menu options and smartly route them to the most relevant and appropriate agent.

Asergis Cloud - IVR - Reduce Queues & Increase Responsiveness

Reduce Queues & Increase Responsiveness

IVR drastically decreases wait time and increases inbound call capacity by reducing queues, effectively increasing overall responsiveness.

Asergis Cloud - IVR - Customer Insights

Customer Insights

Mine recorded caller data like caller IDs, voice messages, keypad inputs and actions for driving smarter routing decisions or for using in other Synthesis applications such as CRM Customer Service Module.

Asergis Cloud - IVR - Save Time

Save Time

IVR helps you spend less time conferring with colleagues to find the right answer or transferring the call around to find the right agent.

Asergis Cloud - IVR - Personal Touch

Personal Touch

Although responses are automated, you can still customise your prompts or announcements according to certain criteria such as caller IDs, country of origin or options selected.

Asergis Cloud - IVR

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