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Benefits – VoIP

Make sure that communications flow seamlessly across and out from your organisation with a feature-rich, reliable and scalable system.

  • Keeping Your Setup and Running Costs to a Minimum

    Call any landline, extension, or mobile number from multiple devices, without the need to invest in a telephone infrastructure and equipment. This allows you to take advantage of flat rates for long distance calls, making it cheaper to call overseas via VoIP than by using a conventional telephone system.

  • The Freedom of Voice Communication over the Internet

    When using Synthesis VoIP you gain the advantage of being able to communicate with your contacts at any time wherever they are. All that is required for the application to work is an Internet connection on any device, and you are free to contact staff and stakeholders without any connectivity problems, and without them having to be near a traditional telephone.

  • Easily Migrate your numbers to Synthesis VoIP

    We take care of carrying your existing phone numbers over to Synthesis VoIP. Synthesis VoIP Services adapts to your existing workflows and practices and takes care of most aspects of the communications system such as managing, maintaining, and troubleshooting.

  • Comprehensive Range of In-built Features

    When using a VoIP service you are free to make use of a wide range of features such as call holding, call transferring, call hunting, conference calling, Follow Me features, and auto-attendant phone menus at a fraction of the cost of legacy phone systems.

  • The Flexibility to Scale Up with your Business

    Synthesis VoIP can scale up as your business grows. You can add as many fixed lines or extension numbers as you need at no additional cost. You are also free to add new IPs and new routing gateways. Therefore, you do not miss out on the benefits or advantages of VoIP services as your organisation grows in size and always have the right amount of phone lines for your needs.

  • Better and Smarter Communication

    Your employees and stakeholders may be contacted wherever they are at any time zone since VoIP is not limited by distance. This allows for consistent and improved communication at the office and away from it, so that team members and stakeholders do not have to miss meetings being held at the home office while they are away from it, or travelling abroad.

  • Keeping Track of Your Outbound and Inbound Calls

    With Synthesis VoIP Services you can easily record all incoming and outbound calls. This is particularly useful for later reference in customer service, and legal and training purposes. You can also generate outbound calls made per day to and from specified numbers, number type, and call duration. This data allows you to be more efficient as you have the data at hand to keep you on track.

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