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Some Product Feature Highlights

Synthesis CRM Sales and Marketing helps your sales & marketing teams engage with audiences across different devices and channels at the right moment with automated workflows and personalized content. Leverage capabilities embedded in sales intelligence on a secure platform to capture and manage leads & build better customer relationships.

Lead & Contact
Lead & Contact Management

Easily add, import, export to CSV and edit new leads. Convert leads to contacts & accounts.

Sales Automation

Create automated sales workflows and tasks such as setting up reminders and call appointments with prospective clients or sending e-mails to contact lists when reaching a particular pipeline status.

Integrated intelligence

Bring together advanced marketing functionalities with integrated sales intelligence on a secure platform. Get a full view of quotes, orders, invoices and customer interactions for multichannel campaigns.

Manage Tasks
Events & Calls
Manage Tasks, Events & Calls

Sales teams can have both a plan & detailed view of pending tasks, upcoming events or follow up on calls with clients.

Manage Sales
Manage Sales Opportunities

Add, list & view opportunities and monitor their status along the sales funnel. Relate opportunities to other information such as lead source, close date, revenue, company information, etc.

Targeted Reach

Create phone calls, e-mails and appointments to execute later, send bulk e-mails to segmented contact lists, track responses with a clear view on completed actions and those which are still open.

Campaign management

Set cost and revenue targets, assign tasks to different team members, track campaign results and costs with built-in tools for customized reporting.

Content Marketing

Build a community around your product or service through social media channels from within the CRM platform. Captivate the audience on each device and in each channel with relevant and personalized content, delivered at the right time and based on intelligence from integrated sales and marketing data.

Key Benefits for your Business

Generate more leads with smart marketing campaigns and follow them through the automated sales funnel to convert them into contracts.

Integrated Solution

An all-in-one solution allowing easier management for all aspects of the sales process - from customer contact, document management to closing deals & forecasting sales.

Intuitive Interface

The end user is at the centre of our design process, simplifying the user interface so you spend less time learning and more time actually using the tool to push successful campaigns.

Streamlined Sales Management

Managing sales funnels has never been easier from prospecting clients to follow up communications and eventually closing the sale. We have streamlined the process by eliminating all the inefficiencies and snags in traditional sales.

Empower effective teamwork

Allow your campaign team to work in unison and more efficiently by seamlessly sharing contacts, data and best practices.

Simplify Sales Prospecting & Lead Management

View, monitor and control all stages of the lead management process with a few clicks. Easily create new customer data or schedule meetings with prospective clients.

Taking customer relationships to the next level

Faster, closer and smarter communication and follow-ups avoids prospects from falling out of the net.

Outstanding Support

Professional installation; Email Support; Online Chat; Forum; Tutorials; Telephone support; 24/7 Support.

CRM Reviews

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