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Benefits – Contact Centre

Rapid and relevant responses to customers across all channels.

  • Easy to Use Straight Out of the Box

    Synthesis Contact Centre has no complicated or difficult setup and is easy to use and figure out. This allows you to quickly set it up and start using it, allowing your contact team to avoid wasting time with complicated systems, and be as efficient as it can be.

  • Enterprise-level Security

    The system architecture, combined with a secure cloud computing environment, ensures high availability and enterprise-grade security for your data. Therefore, your clients’ information is always safe and accessible only by the right people.

  • Simple yet Powerful Integration

    Synthesis Contact Centre can be easily and successfully integrated with Synthesis CRM modules, which seamlessly combine CRM data into your contact centre. This helps you reduce message queues and route calls intelligently through IVR, according to customer data.

  • Cost Efficient Regardless of Scale

    Due to the fact that Synthesis Contact Centre is a cloud application, you are able to save up on capex and significant upfront capital investment in IT server infrastructure, making the application highly cost efficient for your organisation.

  • Automatic Security Updates

    Security upgrades and version updates happen automatically in the background, ensuring that all applications will always be up to date. This avoids the hassle and time wasting of waiting for updates to happen during working hours, allowing for maximum productivity and efficiency.

  • Mobile and Flexible

    Mobile-ready applications give you the freedom of managing your workforce anytime and anywhere through app-supportive devices such as mobiles and tablets. Thus, the contact centre can be managed from any location during any time of day, making your organisation more efficient and productive.

  • Power-packed with Call Management Features

    Synthesis Contact Centre allows you to monitor calls, barge into calls, manage call routing, carry out conference calls, and escalate incidents. In doing so, you are able to take full advantage of the features offered, thus improving your organisation’s efficiency and productivity and ensuring consistently high quality customer service.

  • Full Scalability

    Synthesis Contact Centre can easily scale up as your operations and teams grow. The application requires no costly architecture upgrades, thus saving you valuable money.

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