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Getting On Board

Migrating to a smarter solution doesn’t necessarily require considerable IT planning and disrupting your current workflows.

We have put all our efforts into making sure that migration to Synthesis applications is hassle-free and the transition is as smooth as possible. Our on boarding team will guide you closely by first understanding your business goals and processes, as well as your current workflow setup. It will then work hand in hand with you so as to adopt Synthesis in the most constructive and effective way possible. We also take care of transitioning your data safely and effectively from one system to another.

Why Synthesis?

  • Accessibility - Synthesis is designed to be completely decentralised and accessible from any platform and location, based on the geographically closest workable replica.
  • Reliability - All micro services working inside a PoP have at least two replicas. Kubernetes ‘readiness probes’ monitor and control the health of all services on each replica.
  • Availability - An in-built traffic analysis system monitors anomalous traffic activity and guards against DDoS and other forms of attacks.
  • Security - All communication channels are encrypted using the latest encryption services and continuous certificate delivery.
  • Robustness - In-built traffic analysis system monitors anomalous traffic activity and guards against DDoS and other forms of attacks.
  • Stability - Synthesis goes through four environments with automated and manual code testing until it reaches production stage. NOC team supervision of software reports ensures immediate flagging of problems.

Why Migrate to Us?

  • For small teams or deployments, Synthesis is quite simple, with a hassle-free setup and no download or hardware compatibility issues.
  • Our on boarding team is ready to give full support to large organisations and complex setups, with a dedicated account manager who would take into account your current business processes and workflows, and who would guide you through the migration accordingly.
  • Make the switch to cloud with minimum fuss – Synthesis is ready to seamlessly integrate with your processes and workflows so you can start leveraging the benefits from the outset.
  • We take care of transitioning your organisation’s data and other essential business elements to Synthesis.
  • Access the Synthesis portal on the cloud from anywhere. It is easy to deploy on an enterprise level or across specific teams.
  • We also recognise the importance of fluid communication channels to ensure that the right people are up to date on the process.

Do you have any questions regarding migrating to Synthesis?

Talk to one of our representatives on +44 (0)203 411 4114

Alternatively you can get in touch by filling out the form below :

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