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Benefits – CRM Customer Services

Keep your customers happy the smart way with Synthesis CRM Customer Services.

  • Data Management

    You are free to add, edit, and delete customer companies, contacts, details, and contact information. You are also able to assign and remove services and contact details to a contact. Customer relationships and incidents may be managed and processed smartly and efficiently over different points of contact.

  • Incident Management

    Synthesis CRM Customer Services allows you to track incidents through the entire pipeline, from appending the support ticket to a customer, assigning it to an agent and onto resolving or escalating them as required. You can easily track incident history and communications. This maximises your efficiency in dealing with customer issues as all information is readily available and easily accessible on the cloud.

  • Smoother Workflows

    Optimise your team productivity and efficiency by making team collaboration easier and more efficient through the seamless sharing of contacts, data, and best practices. In doing so, your team becomes more productive, making your organisation more successful, and your customers happier. You will also have the freedom to spend more time pooling ideas and sharing resources, and avoid spending time being stuck on an issue when multiple agents are involved.

  • Easy to Integrate

    Synthesis CRM Customer Services module integrates with other Synthesis applications, such as the Sales and Marketing module, which allows you to leverage information and contacts to grow, as well as your customer base. Integration with other Synthesis applications makes you more productive and efficient, and helps you manage your success more easily.

  • Flexible

    The flexibility of working with a cloud-based application makes it easy for you to customise the solution to meet your teams’ specific needs and workflows, thus making it easier for your team to work efficiently and be more productive and helpful to customers.

  • Reliable Data Recovery

    In the case that something happens to your system and you are at risk of losing valuable and irreplaceable information, all you need to do is to recover your data is to access your CRM application, and you will be able to immediately get to your data in the cloud. In this way, your work and information is always safe and recoverable, avoiding any serious loss or damage.

  • Scalable

    Synthesis CRM Customer Services can grow according to your needs and the size of your organisation. You can easily import, add, and edit service agent details when a particular incident occurs, or when company growth requires the addition of more staff. Therefore, your Synthesis CRM solution can scale up or down quickly, easily, and at a predictable cost as your needs dictate.

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