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Benefits – Screen Sharing

Be on the same page as your colleagues, customers and collaborators with Synthesis Screen Sharing.

  • Cross-Device and Cross-Platform Usability

    Screens can be shared across devices and platforms without needing any configuration. Participants can join in the sessions with any device, easily and hassle-free, regardless of its operating system.

  • Easy Integration

    Synthesis Screen Sharing can work as a standalone application or work together with other Synthesis applications, such as Contact Manager and Video Conferencing. It also requires no complicated installation or setup.

  • Remote Access and Control

    Screens can be shared with anyone in any location or time zone. Participants are able to access and control the screen from anywhere. All connections are made via VoIP communications.

  • Stronger Relationships

    Allowing team members and other stakeholders to engage with your ideas and information increases engagement and helps build a better relationship. This allows for the development of stronger connections, better understanding, and more inclusion between colleagues and clients.

  • Increased Productivity

    As people working on the same project share a screen, there is better collaboration, better communication, greater efficiency, more creativity, and higher productivity. This forms better teams and ultimately, better businesses.

  • Save Time and Money

    Save up on travel costs and become more time efficient by sharing screens with participants in different locations. This avoids the hassle and expenditure which come with business travel, and help you become more efficient.

  • Versatile and Multi-purpose

    Synthesis Screen Sharing is useful across a wide range of practical applications such as video conferencing, web meetings, web presentations, remote technical support, and training purposes. There are also a number of different user management options.

  • Keep a Record

    Both video and audio can be recorded, either together or separately, so that there is a record of the screen sharing session. This is useful as an archive to look/listen back to, or follow up from, as well as a record for new trainees or people who were unable to make it to the session.

  • Stay Organised and On Top of Things

    You can schedule screen sharing sessions, easily invite participants from your contact list or other Synthesis applications such as Contact Manager. You can also manage and control access permissions of each user on the fly.

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