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Benefits – Screen Sharing

Be on the same page as your colleagues, customers and collaborators with Synthesis Screen Sharing.

  • Increase engagement

    Allow colleagues and other stakeholders to engage with your ideas and information by sharing your screen.

  • On the same page

    Develop stronger connections, enable people to understand one another and make sure that everyone feels included because they can see what is on the screen.

  • Teamwork

    Build teams and projects through increased collaboration, better communication, greater efficiency and higher productivity.

  • Help save time, money and the planet

    Save the time, expense and environmental impact of business travel through effective remote collaboration.

  • Useful across a range of functions

    Video conferencing, web meetings, web presentations, remote technical support and online training.

  • For the record

    Record screens displayed and accompanying audio for those unable to make the meeting or for training purposes.

  • Organise

    Schedule sessions, invite participants and control access permissions.

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