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Benefits – Message Centre

Synthesis Message Centre keeps all of the team in the loop.

  • Keep constant contact anywhere, anytime

    Synthesis Message Centre gives you the freedom of quick and easy communication, which can be done from any location, at any time zone, and through any device. This makes it easy for teams to stay in constant contact even when employees are not at the office or they are travelling, thus giving colleagues the freedom to discuss any ideas when they strike, without losing time waiting for the right moment, making your teams more productive and creative.

  • Share Any Media in Your Instant Messaging

    Users can easily and quickly share documents, messages, files, emoticons, and locations, as well as videos, audios, and contacts. Therefore, if one team member does not have access to information which they may need instantly, another colleague can send it to them immediately and easily.

  • Another Collaborative App in your Synthesis Toolbox

    Allowing colleagues to use Synthesis Message Centre gives them the freedom to communicate effectively and efficiently between themselves when meetings and conferences are not possible to hold. Furthermore, people may be alerted to conversations in which their input is required through @mentions by other users or #keywords in the chat. This ensures that the right people are kept in the loop, and that only the ones who need to know do, and do so when they need to know. This fosters better team communication and collaboration.

  • Manage all your chats like a pro

    Synthesis Message Centre allows you to edit and delete specific messages and chat history, pin messages, export and email chat history, invite chat participants, create, delete and leave groups, set roles in groups, and view profiles of chat participants. It also enables the chat to be translated. These features ensure an efficient and productive application is available for your team to use.

  • Keep a Record of all conversations

    Through the chat history feature you can keep track of important issues by making sure that all team members have access to what was said by whom and when. This is facilitated through the possibility of filtering chat history by date, @mention, or #keyword.

  • Unintrusive Security Updates: We Have Your Back

    Security upgrades and technical updates happen automatically in the background, ensuring that all applications will always be up to date. This avoids the hassle and time wasting of waiting for updates to happen during working hours, allowing for maximum productivity and efficiency.

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