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Benefits – Message Centre

Synthesis Message Centre keeps all the team in the loop

  • Multichannel

    Synthesis Integrated multiple channel messaging fosters team communication and collaboration.

  • Time conscious

    Messaging systems can be distracters and time thieves. Synthesis Message Centre ensures that conversations only involve the users who need to know and exactly when they need to know.

  • In the loop

    Make sure the right people are alerted to conversations through @mention of other users or #keywords in the chat.

  • Channel Choice

    Synthesis Message Centre ensures fluid communication between the people on their desktops in the office and their colleagues on the move with their tablets or phones.

  • Sharing is caring

    Enrich your communications by sharing documents, messages, emoticons, locations, videos, audios, contacts.

  • Keep records

    Keep track of important issues by making sure that everyone has access to what was said by who and when.

  • Always up to date

    Security upgrades and technical updates happen automatically in the background ensuring all applications will be always up-to-date.

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