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Benefits - Video Conferencing

Enrich your remote meetings with visual contact

  • See and hear

    Facial expressions and body language help to build sound business relationships with your stakeholders based on trust and confidentiality.

  • Remote Collaboration

    You can make homeworking a viable reality for your teams when distance is no blocker to productive collaboration.

  • Show and Tell

    Put a face to the name of your client’s new account manager, make an informed choice about a new fabric of your furniture range or demonstrate your latest product.

  • Live and Learn

    A quality live video image coupled with high quality audio means your team can give or receive top quality training from around the globe.

  • Bring your team together

    Team members may be waiting at an airport, working from home or in different offices but this is no blocker to effective face-to-face discussions.

  • Time is of the essence

    You may have people working across different time zones but Synthesis Video Conferencing gives them facetime anytime.

  • Short notice

    Your meetings can be very short notice so you often need to schedule and run your video conferences quickly and/or fit in people with tight schedules.

  • Easy Setup

    Synthesis Video Conferencing is easy to install and start using within minutes. No complicated configurations or system-specific setups.

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