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Benefits - Video Conferencing

Enrich your remote meetings with visual contact

  • Face-to-Face Communication

    Helps you nurture better relationships built around trust with your clients and stakeholders as you can view each other’s facial expressions and body language.

  • Anytime, anywhere

    Allows you to connect with people in remote locations regardless of time zones, without the need for travelling. Great for e-working and employees on the go who are restricted by particular hours and distance.

  • Everyone is within reach

    All you need is for you and the people you want to call to have an Internet connection, so that you may quickly engage in a video conference call on the cloud. Participants who are not Synthesis users can be sent a temporary link and pin code in order to join the video conference call.

  • Collaboration

    Synthesis Video Conferencing allows not only for easy and quick communication, but also for teams collaborating on projects, brainstorming sessions between employees working in different locations, and the ability to hold presentations between internal and external stakeholders.

  • Ideal for Personnel Training and Education

    Employees in satellite offices may be trained at once, while a tutor whose students are spread out in different locations may give one lecture to all of them at once without them having to travel.

  • Time Saving

    Synthesis Video Conferencing is very easy to use, with no complicated configurations or system-specific setups. Anyone with no prior knowledge or experience can immediately start using it without having to take a lot of time figuring it out.

  • Record and Playback Meetings

    Synthesis Video Conferencing allows you to keep a record of your conference call to which you can refer to later on. This makes it easy to look back on training sessions, interviews, and brainstorming sessions, and allows you to have an archive for future reference or follow-up.

  • Call Management

    The call manager/leader can easily set up or schedule a video conference and manage participants who are present during the call, as well as new ones who wish to be added. The manager can mute/unmute participants and decide whether to have a multi-way video or a single video showing during the call.

  • Hand Raise Request

    Participants wishing to speak during the conference call may submit a hand raise request, which allows the speaker to see that they would like to give their opinion. This helps the call manager decide how to allocate time to speakers and allows for a more orderly and efficient call.

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