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Benefits – Meeting Manager

Organise your meetings with intelligence and agility.

  • Stay on Track and On Top of Your Meetings’ Agenda

    Synthesis Meeting Manager manages and tracks all of the meetings taking place within your organisation. This helps you be more organised and efficient, and ultimately, more successful.

  • Manage Any Meeting easily and effectively

    Manage any type of meeting you may need to have, from small collaborative sessions, to large broadcasts which involve many participants in various locations. You won’t have to worry about manually having to manage all your meetings, even if your organisation is of a certain size.

  • Have Everything Take Care of:

    Schedule meetings, create meetings and agendas with enriched documents, descriptions, and other files, edit meetings and agendas, and send meeting invitations with agendas to attendees.

  • Save Valuable Time

    With Synthesis Meeting Manager you can manage meetings and resources online, whether you are booking and setting up the meeting room, printing out agendas, or distributing minutes and other documents. This saves you time and resources as you can perform everything through one application. You can also host video and audio meetings for further time saving.

  • Follow Through your Meetings

    Follow through on what happens after the meeting is held by creating and editing meeting minutes, making action points, and creating a transcription of the meeting’s discussion into text. These possible features make it easier for you to follow up on and refer back to what was discussed in order to maintain continuity and progress for optimum productivity and efficiency.

  • Keep a Record of Everything

    With Synthesis Meeting Manager you are able to keep a full archive of meetings, discussions, agendas, action points, minutes, transcripts, and other associated files. This makes it possible for you to keep a record of everything, which you can access and refer back to at any time, providing you with the chance to always be up to date and be more efficient.

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